Our Vision…A world where every person practices the art of connection and passes this gift on to the next generation

Our Mission…Teaching a social and emotional skill set for a more connected world

Principles We Live By...We embody connection at the personal and organizational levels.

Our Core Values...Coherence, insight, connection, empathy

Rasur Foundation International (RFI) was founded by Rita Marie Johnson, who created BePeace, a synergistic skill set for building social and emotional intelligence. In 2004, the Rasur Foundation began offering BePeace in Costa Rican schools and trained over 600 teachers in a 40 hour course. As a result, almost 18,000 students have been positively impacted. Annual evaluations revealed that bullying, intolerance, conflicts and violence had diminished. Misconduct reports decreased as well. Further training was provided to select teachers, known as "Rasurs," so they could teach BePeace in their schools.

In 2005, BePeace won the Ashoka Changemakers Innovation Award: Building a More Ethical Society, chosen from 79 projects in 32 countries. To strengthen support for peace education, the Rasur Foundation initiated a bill in 2006 to establish a Ministry for Peace in Costa Rica. It passed in 2009 without opposition. By 2010, Rita Marie Johnson was teaching BePeace as a credit course at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica, a graduate school for international leaders.

In 2010, Johnson began training Rasurs in the United States to offer public and school-based BePeace courses. By May, 2012 the first US BePeace pilot at Oakley Elementary in Houston was deemed a success (see video). Now a BePeace Classroom Kit, along with in-service training, gives educators what they need to follow suit. BePeace is spreading rapidly throughout the nation and has been introduced in five other countries as well.

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